Morning coffee (July 2, 2013)

Here are some of the questions raised during the Morning Coffee discussion today. Please feel free to contribute and expand the list. (you can insert your entry at any place in the list where you think it belongs thematically; stay numbered list mode and <shift><return> to create a blank line between entries)

  1. What is the mass function of BHs as a function of redshift?

  2. What is the distribution of spins of SMBHs as a function of redshift?

  3. How does spin affect the observational properties of SMBHs?

  4. Do SMBHs pair and merge and if so how do we know?

  5. Is there a unique signature of recoiling SMBHs?

  6. Is there a robust signature of close (i.e. sub-parsec) binary supermassive black holes?

  7. How reliable the mass estimates of SMBHs?

  8. Is there a causal relationship btw the evolution of SMBHs and galaxies?

  9. Can M-sigma relationship be used to discriminate among evolutionary models of BHs and galaxies?

  10. What is the halo occupancy of SMBHs in galaxies as a function of redshift?

  11. Can we distinguish among the BH seed formation scenarios observationally if massive and low mass seeds coexist in the universe?

  12. Is there any other direct evidence of feedback except for the cavities in clusters?

  13. What is the mechanism for formation and collimation of jets?

  14. What is the life time of radio loud phase in AGN? What drives the transition from winds to jets?

  15. What determines the relative magnitudes of the jet versus accretion luminosity?

  16. What is the evidence for the quasar feedback mode? Why are AGN host galaxies special?